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Visual Overwhelm Success Stories

I had never experienced issues with my vision quality until I was involved in a car accident and sustained a concussion. These symptoms caused a lot of frustration for me and I couldn’t find relief until Vision therapy. I was so overwhelmed with my symptoms and limitations. My left eye was shutting off and my vision was getting worse. As I started with my activities and met with the therapists at the office I started noticing improvements and it was so freeing. My concentration and concussion symptoms gradually got better and I no longer feel debilitated. I have absolutely loved my experience with vision therapy, I’m glad I didn’t live my life without vision therapy!

– Cass

After my accident, I had gotten to a point where I wasn’t progressing and had many concussion symptoms that were not going away. This effected by daily life and made it hard to go outside or even to the grocery store. It was all overwhelming. Luckily, my physician knew about vision therapy. This made all the difference, I am now back to work full time and able to complete my day with less symptoms. I am so grateful! It was hard work and frustrating at times, but totally worth it!

– Marie

CFX referred me here as I was trying to recover from a brain injury. I was struggling reading, sitting in the car with my eyes open, experiencing double vision, major headaches, intense visual disotring, and the feeling of objects jumping out at me. I was discouraged, confused and had come to terms that my life would never be close to the same is it was pre-brain injury. Vision therapy was difficult and at times I wanted to quit but the staff and my family encouraged me to keep going. I am not sitting here on my graduation day, able to dance, drive, read, work on computers, hang out with friends, walk without tripping or falling and live my life how I want! Thank you!

– Isabell

Fue una grata experiencia la terapia. No puedo creer que con pocos ejercicios estoy mejor con mi visión. Mejore’ en el movimiento de mi vista y mi atención es mucho mejor. Ahora puedo conducir con más seguridad y ya puedo conducir de noche. Ya no hay dolores de cabeza. ¡Muchas gracias Dr. Duval, y es especial la paciencia de Josh! Exito!

– Ingrid


We have been so happy with the progress Brad has made while doing eye therapy. Brad has struggled for sometime with his depth perception, making it hard to run, play sports, read and much more. With therapy Brad has really progressed in the right direction. He’s more confident with sports and school. His reading and piano skills have even improved! We are very Grateful!

– Brad’s Mom

“I came in for a normal eye exam and realized I had severe vision problems. I had been experiencing headaches, dizziness, and would get extremely car sick. Grocery shopping felt overwhelming and I couldn’t watch TV or be on my phone for long at all.

I quickly saw improvement with my dizziness, even though some of my activities felt really difficult. Eventually headaches significantly improved, and by the end of my in-office vision therapy experience I felt like reading for FUN again! That felt so good!

I’m so grateful for kind, encouraging vision therapists who encouraged me to keep going and to recognize my improvements!”

– Melanie

Congratulations to Melanie on her graduation!!


“When I started I felt like things in my life didn’t line up and I struggled with work and getting along with others. I didn’t realize it was a problem until I started doing this therapy. Now that I have gone through the process of doing the therapy, my life in all aspects has become simpler and easy to manage, from work to family and all activities in between. Vision therapy is not necessarily for just your eyes as it sounds, but it helps your whole body in check and to work correctly.”

– Dylan