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Reading Difficulties Success Stories


Mom wrote, “She has struggled in reading and focusing in school, but since Vision therapy she is now reading at grade level and loving school! She can focus on school work and I can’t get her to put her books down! She’s loved how much fun the therapists have made Vision Therapy. Thank you so much!”

– Finnley’s mom


Mom wrote, “After a couple years of struggling with reading we were referred to Dr. Duval who could finally explain how our son was seeing the world and set a plan! We have seen so much improvement not only with reading but also behavioral skills as well as no more headaches! He has come up on all grade scores and we are so grateful!”

– Beau


“Before I started Vision therapy, I struggled reading. I would get eye strain and headaches constantly when I would pick up a book or do homework. Due to Vision Therapy, my reading has improved, and I now enjoy it!”



Justin’s mom wrote, “Justin had constant headaches. Reading was a challenging for him as he tried to focus the words on the page. After completing vision therapy he no longer has any headaches and reading is going great. He has jumped grade levels and his teachers are excited about the improvements he has made in reading. He now enjoys school and does not come home frustrated anymore!”

– Justin

“Before vision therapy reading was hard for me, my eyes would hurt, the page was blurry, and I would get headaches. I would also constantly get carsick. So I started vision therapy and I loved it! Every one was so nice and the activities were fun. I now love reading. I am so grateful the page is clear and I don’t get any headaches after. I can even read and write in the car without feeling sick! Thank you so much for all your help.”

– Olivia


“Before Vision Therapy, Cole was really struggling in school. He was testing well below grade level in reading and spelling. Additional time reading and studying his spelling words were not helping his skills to improve. One of his cousins had the same struggles and was seeing great results with vision therapy, so we looked into it for Cole. Since participating in vision therapy, Cole’s reading speed, accuracy, and comprehension has improved so much. When he first started, he had to do an exercise that required him to read lists of letters. I remember feeling so worries at how hard that was for him-sometimes even wondering if he knew his letters and numbers. Now, he not only reads letters and numbers with ease, his reading abilities have noticeably improved! He’s even beginning to read for fun, and homework is down faster and without tears. We are incredibly thankful we’ve had the opportunity to have Vision Therapy for Cole!”

– Cole

“I loved Vision Therapy! It has helped my reading as well as focusing!”



“Before Vision Therapy Austin really struggled to read and concentrate. Now, she is reading chapter books on her own. School work is also much easier and done quicker, she is comprehending more of what she is learning. Austin is more confident in her interactions with others due to Vision Therapy. This is just what she needed, I wish we knew about it sooner.”

– Austin’s mom

“Kalub was struggling in school and didn’t like to read. Now that he has completed vision therapy, he enjoys reading and likes to talk to others about what he is reading. He is also doing better in school. Thank you!”

– Kalub’s mom

“Dray was refusing to do writing assignment at school and would have break downs. When we would work through them at home. After completing vision therapy, he is now doing his assignments at school and complaining less about homework. His handwriting is improving, and he doesn’t avoid writing as often as before.”

– Dray’s mom

“Before Eye therapy, reading and studying was very difficult. I would never stay focused because my eyes would get too tired. They would feel strained. After eye therapy, its been better. It is easier to focus, read, and my eyes don’t strain. It has been a great experience, it really helped me improve.”

– Cohen


“Krew was struggling to read and getting behind in school. Vision Therapy has been great for him. He is now able to read and almost caught up to grade level. He is also able to understand what he is reading! He is now enjoying reading and we are so proud of how much he has improved. We would not hesitate to do vision therapy again. This program has been the best for him.”

– Krew’s mom

“One of the biggest differences I have noticed with Emmett since starting his eye therapy is his confidence in reading. He doesn’t lose his place reading and can read faster. As we read scriptures as a family, he has been asking to read with us rather than just listening, he is even doing well with small print not losing his place!”

– Emmett’s mom


“My name is Corinne! I had a concussion playing water polo that left my eyes pretty bad! Then I came to vision therapy – with the incredible help of Dr. Duval and all the wonderful vision therapists – including Jason – my eyes are better than before my injury. Reading, driving, and other activities are easier and more enjoyable. Thanks to the great team at Child and Family EyeCare Center in Provo!”

– Corinne


“I read better and I don’t get car sick anymore. The workers here are the best they try their best. I love that I come every week. Carter was the best, I love working with him. Now I love reading more.”

– Whitney