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Blurry Vision Success Stories

“When I got my 2nd concussion August 31st I was absolutely devastated. I had done vision therapy all throughout the summer for my previous concussion feeling hopeful and then the 2nd accident happened. I struggled focusing and tracking with my eyes. I had to get reading glasses and couldn’t concentrate for more than 30 minutes. Light sensitivity and noise sensitivity went along with it. After vision therapy I have made huge strides and couldn’t be happier. My stamina has increased, I no longer need my +1.00 reading glasses and my headaches are gone. Huge thank you to the staff and Dr. Duval!”

– Sydney

“Before coming to Dr. Duval, Noa was far below the reading level she should have been at. Helping her with homework ended in screaming and tears. We couldn’t get her to read a book for anything She complained about her eyes hurting a lot and blurry letters. She was very clumsy and always getting hurt. Now, she has made great progress in school reading levels as well as asking to stay up at night and read! Homework is much smoother and calmer!”

– Katie

“I had a lot of fun with Vision Therapy. The therapist was very nice. I can now write in straight lines and read good. I no longer need my reading glasses because my eyes can focus better. I also liked the vision dollars to get prizes. I got a cool ladybug pillow for all my hard work.”

– Kristy


“My name is Makenzie, and my right eye was very blurry when I first came here. I started working with Dr. Duval and Carter with my vision therapy. After a few weeks I noticed my right eye getting better and my eyes improving. Some exercises were fun and really helped. I approve of vision therapy because it really helped me relax my eyes.”

Makenzie’s mom also shared “After 8 weeks of vision therapy, we were very pleased to see that her vision not only stopped getting worse, but improved by the 5th session. We are so grateful for the professional and fun team at Dr. Duval’s office who really made a big difference in Makenzie’s eyesight and confidence.”

– Makenzie

Congrats to Makenzie for graduating!